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Best Balanced Foods

Every human being is different physically, psychologically and physiologically. For that reason, different foods are beneficial or harmful for different human beings depending upon their physical and mental makeup climate of the place they reside in, current health conditions, status of the tissues etc but there is a set of certain foods which are beneficial for a vast majority of the adults under the most diverse circumstances. We have compiled that list in the image below.

  • Old Rice: Any rice you consume has to be minimum a year old! Any freshly harvested rice or rice within the first year tends to increase congestion in the body. A certain of variety of Rice (not as widely available these days) is the rice which is grown in 60 days. Its extremely beneficial of all body types and balances the bodily humors if they are off balance. It also promotes health and is great for rejuvenation. The next best rice closest to this is the long grained White Basmati rice which has similar qualities and is lighter to digest compared to other types of rice. Its also lighter to digest compared to Brown Rice. It is available in most health food stores these days and also in bulk available at Costco.

  • Barley: Excellent for those trying to lose weight. Best had during summer months. Or in winter, savor with spices. A wonderful source of nourishment for diabetics. It is harder to digest so ensure to cook it for a longer time.

  • Green Gram: Great for everyone since it is very light to digest. Its excellent for the eyes. Wonderful for replenishing cells and tissues in the body with the necessary nourishing juices.

  • Cow Ghee: Great for acid reflux, stress relief, abdominal pain, bloating and gas, improves intellect, relieves bloating and gas & great for voice and beauty. Read our previous article on this newly declared superfood. The-Truth-About-Ghee

  • Gooseberry: Excellent for people with urinary issues (dysuria) & diabetes. Great for constipated bowels (if taken regularly ). Also wonderful fruit for maintaining vision, strength & skin complexion. Widely helpful for obstinate skin diseases, itching of the skin, uncontrolled thirst anorexia & burning sensation within channels of the body.

  • Cow Milk: If the cow is pasture raised and fed organic cowfeed and moreover raised with love; the milk that comes from it is the most wholesome substance one can have in a diet. It is conducive for all cells in the body. Its an aphrodisiac, improves strength, reduces fatigue and increased lifespan. Read our previous article on milk for details: Milk-The-Ayurvedic-Perspective

  • Rocksalt (Saindha Namak): Best among all the salts for daily use. 98% of its chemical composition is Sodium Chloride but contrary to the popular myth, it does contain iodine (for which regular table salt is promoted). It also contains other trace minerals like Lithium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron & Zinc. Popularly consumed during fasts to supply necessary minerals for the body's optimum functioning.

  • Honey: Consumed in small quantities, honey is extremely beneficial for the human body. Most of the herbs are prescribed with honey since honey assimilates quickly and carries the properties of the herbs quickly into the tissues. Excellent for the heart and for digestion. Improves skin tone. Good for eyesight. Helps in wound healing. Clears the throat and benefits the voice.

Do remember include all these in your diet at least a couple of times a week and improve your health & let us know your feedback and whether you found this article helpful.

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