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My services are for anyone who's willing to take charge of their health!

I believe that the health of an individual is in their own hands. We've all heard of or known relatively healthy looking individuals who were suddenly diagnosed with a deadly disease or something unexpected. And we wonder, how come it happened to them! And that too, suddenly! 

Well, firstly; it happened to them as they had been making poor choices about food & lifestyle which seemed healthy... to us.. but was not the right choice for their body! My core belief is that each of us though similar in the basic fundamental elements are very different physically, psychologically, mentally & emotionally. That is 'coz each of us has a unique body type which predisposes us to our likes, dislikes, responses to situations and even diseases! That's why knowing one's own body is given supreme importance in our practice! That's why, one seemingly healthy thing is actually not good for everyone!

And secondly; it didn't happen suddenly. Per ancient texts, a disease progresses in 6 stages namely; (accumulation, aggravation, dissemination, localization, manifestation & chronicity).The body starts giving us signs & symptoms since stage 1 but its not until stage 4 that it starts to manifest as a disease. Until stage 3 its curable but after that most diseases become difficult to cure and can be only managed.

So, my approach?

My approach is to educate you about your own body; to tackle the issue, right when it starts through diet, lifestyle & body therapies so that it doesn't have a chance to develop into something major!

So, if you are someone who's completely healthy; you want to come see us so that you can make better choices suitable to your body in order to maintain health & prevent disease!

Or, if you are someone who's having the slightest discomfort; it's a sign of something happening inside. PLEASE don't neglect it! Let it not progress till it becomes a disease. Take care of your body now!

Know what foods to eat and what lifestyle to follow so that it doesn't manifest into a disease!

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Choose Health!

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