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1 hr  I   $45

Come  learn the best ways to nourish, rejuvenate and protect your skin , completely naturally!

Successful Work Team
Ayurveda Basics

1 hr  I   $45

This seminar is great for yoga teachers and alternative heath professionals who are looking to undestand the basics of Ayurveda.

Also suitable for those looking for a change in career to see if Aurveda is something that aligns with your beliefs!

Seasonal Regimens- Winter

1 hr  I   $45

Our health is impacted by the changes in nature, the seasons. Ever noticed, our skin becomes more dry in winter and pople get allergies in spring?

Come learn about the Ayurveeic seasonal regimen and prevent falling sick.

Prevention os the premise in Ayurveda

Spices- the jist of life!

1 hr  I   $65

Come learn about the different spices which can make any dish balanced and thus Ayurvedic.

Breaking the fads!

1 hr  I   $65

There are lots of fads these days in the name of holistic living. Is that juice detox craze going on these days healthy? What about all the touting for that daily morning tall glass of smoothie? Is THAT healthy? Or that bowl of salald for dinner?


Come learn about the fads these days and which are those are truly healthy and which ones not!

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